General information

Enersev was established in 2008 with the aim of offering advanced technical services to the Electrical and Oil and Gas customers.

Getting benefit from experts and trained personnel who got valuable working experiences at one of the most modern refinery in the world, Dung Quat Refinery, in the past several years helped Enersev become an advantage competitor in Oil and Gas Industry by performing many successful projects in Dung Quat Refinery. Now this experience ensures customers’ high certainty in cooperation with us.

Total activity of Enersev is to offer high level standard of advanced technical services and present all links of the chain Engineering, Procurement, Commissioning, Operation support, Maintenance and After sale services.

One of the most evident characteristics of Enersev is that it is science and specialty-oriented in the field of industrial IT & automation and has a scientific outlook toward this fields and acts with responsibility toward the tasks assigned to it and have based our organizational responsibility on the said principles.

Our Mission

- Supply professional technical services and International Standard equipments to customers.

- Bring higher values and qualities oriented mainly to the excellent satisfaction of our customers.

- Bring a high standard life to all members in “ENERSEV Great Family”.

Our Strategic Vision

  - Become the leading Company in providing Technical services in Oil & Gas and Power Industry.

- Become professional Integrator in the field of Industrial IT and Automation.          

- Become professional Company in supplying equipment and spare parts in Oil & Gas and Power Industry

Orgnization chart

 Human resouces

  Total employees: 50 person

+ Master :        06 %

+ Engineer:     64 %

+ Bachelors:    16 %

+ Technicians: 10%

+ Other:           04%


+ Year 2010:                  5.7 million USD

+ Year 2011:                  16.4 million USD

+ Expected 2012:           18 million USD